Sidney Ponson bobblehead (Photo: Joe Haupt/Flickr)

At least the Orioles have cool giveaways

We have big news; big, BIG news! Going forward, you will now see episodes of The Warehouse posted on Camden Depot, a juggernaut in the Orioles blogging community.

Don’t worry, it won’t change any of the ways in which you already access the podcast. It is just a platform that we can use to get our weekly show out to a couple more of the Birdland faithful.

This week’s episode was a fun one! Jesse and I discuss Chris Davis’ continued downward spiral, we pretend we know about prospects in our 2018 draft recap, react to the news that the O’s thought about signing Luke Heimlich last summer and go positive, for once, by talking about Keys outfielder Ryan McKenna and his success this year.

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