Chris Davis — Photo: Keith Allison/Flickr (License)

How do you solve a problem like Chris Davis?

The Orioles slugger may be the worst hitter in Major League Baseball at the moment.

According to FanGraphs, Chris Davis is worth -1.3 WAR and it makes a lot of sense when you look at his numbers. He is slashing .161/.235/.265 with four home runs and eight RBI. He is also continuing to strike out at an absurd rate: 35.9 percent of plate appearances.

The problem is that Davis also has a massive contract. It won’t look great to have $23 million sitting on the bench or, even worse, cut completely. No, he is the Orioles problem and he is one that they need to solve. There has to be some amount of talent remaining that body, right?

In the latest episode of The Warehouse, Tyler, Jesse and Marcus talk about Davis’ issues at the plate and beyond. The guys also touch on Caleb Joseph’s demotion, Andrew Susac’s call-up, why Kevin Gausman was unable to hold runners this week and the general dysfunction of the Orioles organization.

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