Jesse loves Mychal Givens’ walk-up song

Tyler Young
May 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Last month, Jesse sent an excited text message.

“They are playing ‘Ready or Not’ by the Fugees when Mychal Givens came into pitch… I’m hoping it’s his walk out song”

Hoping? The evidence is right there, my man. Givens “walked out” of the bullpen and the song was playing.

“But Tyler,” you say “Sometimes they play really popular songs when relievers warm up.”

Yes, of course. But this song Jesse is talking about was released in 1996. This thing isn’t being played on any of the Top 40 stations anymore. It seems pretty clear that it was a Givens’ personal pick.

Anyway, days and weeks went by with no further mention until this past weekend when Jesse got back to texting…

“Givens came in again and they played ‘Ready or Not’ so it must be his song”

Jesse still isn’t sure. He’s assuming. So, I decided to take on some investigative work and do a little digging. My strategy? Google.

I typed “mychal givens walk out” into Google. I clicked the first link. There, I found this:

Yes, Jesse. Mychal Givens walks out to “Ready or Not” by the Fugees. Mystery solved.

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