Adam Jones — Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles July 14, 2013 — Keith Allison/Flickr

Who cares that Adam Jones bought a house?

Tyler Young
May 17, 2018 · 2 min read

The Orioles center fielder made a big purchase that has the Baltimore faithful in a tizzy.

Hall-of-Famer and former Orioles great Cal Ripken Jr. has had his Reisterstown mansion on the market for a while now. It was originally listed at $12.5 million with no takers a few years ago. More recently, the price tag was cut to $9.75 million; a bargain to be sure.

It finally went up for auction this past weekend and sold. It turns out, the buyer was a familiar name: SimplyAJ10 himself. Apparently, he got a great deal.

What people seem to really care about now is how this affects the O’s on the field. Jones is in the final year of his contract and, with the team struggling, there are theories that the veteran could be traded this summer (if he waives his full no-trade protection) or sign elsewhere in the summer. Putting pen to paper on a massive purchase such as this Ripken house would seem to contradict any of those thoughts.

However, it likely means very little or nothing at all. Jones is married to a woman from Baltimore, and they have two daughters together. It’s not crazy to think he wants to have a comfortable situation in and around the Charm City for the foreseeable future whether he plans to stay with the Birds or not. Kids have go to school, etc. He could sign with a new team in the winter and remain a Baltimore-area resident, much like Nick Markakis has continued to do after his move to Atlanta.

Maybe Adam Jones is working on a contract extension to stay in orange and black. Maybe he’s not. But to base that assumption on his purchase of some real estate seems pretty foolish.

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