Smoky Water Studio
Feb 13 · 4 min read

The Earth Rumbled and shook until the very depths of the ocean heard its call and responded with its fury. The water drenched the plains through seasons for which it was not given.

Yet the gentle bull stood unmoved. The waters flooded and poured over the lands without mercy, drowning the Earth’s rocks and trees in a deluge.

The gentle bull stood his ground until the water’s swells dumped the creatures of the sea at the bull’s hooves.

“I do not fear you lady of the sea. I will move to higher ground but I do not fear you anymore than you fear me!”

Neptune had failed to treat her with integrity, left her waters polluted and stirring. She didn’t shine as she once had for so many years…. She believed she never could again.

Now the bull was making her long for her glimmer once more. But she was afraid to let him drink from her waters. She didn’t want to harm the creature she had grown to love by giving him anything less than the most nourishing of springs.

How she longed to let the bull quench his thirst, to slake the heat of his core. Seeing his sad eyes made her waves crash upon his shores. And the thought of him spitting her out made her tremble and draw away before his lips could dip into her body.

The bull was the servant of the Earth and sun, the water the servant of the moon and the goddess of love. Venus commanded her seas to come unto thee , “Be sure not to overwhelm him with your power. Only give him the faintest trickle, never try to consume him for he will drown.”

So she continuously stayed herself, waiting patiently until the bull was ready to meet her at his shores. But when the bull finally came to drink from her waters, she pulled her tides away in fear he would find her taste too bitter.

“Why do you always pull away from me?”, the bull asked. “Why are you so terrified of me, when for so long you have doted upon me?”

“I have been impure by the ones who used to hold me.” replied the sea, “And I do not want to poison you. For you are the one I’ve grown to adore.”

The bull frowned heavily. For many months the waters had made his mountains and plains fertile and given him life in the form of the nourishment where his lands were barren.

“You have done much for me. Please do bot burden me with such worries. My mother is the Earth and my father is the sun. I will plea for them to to purify your spirit and body, for I know your heart to be true and your intentions pure. Please hide from me no more.”

The sea cried and rained down upon herself. “I have swallowed countless ships and claimed many lives. I’ve torn down mountains and frozen the creatures I adore with my cold and frigid core.”

The bull furrowed his brow and bowed his head, “Only because the one who holds you, stirs your heart to anger. Only because the ones who have poisoned you, made you as such. How can you ever be calm if you keep refusing the loving embrace of the Earth?

Please take away my thirst and hunger, nourish my plains, be warmed by my sun. Embody the one you wish to become. Embrace the being you truly are do not lose yourself to the abyss. Allow me to cool myself with your running streams and shaded pools. The very creatures you adore will love you once more!

Stay within my gaze so I can look into your eyes and see myself in your clearest of waters. Carve my stubborn rocks with your might. Bring life to my barren wastes!”

The sea fell silent and for a brief glimpse in time, the bull felt the fear of losing his love. But the sea returned and rose to the sky to kiss the sun. She gave a thankful cry as she fell to the earth. Her jubilation rumbled through the dense lands and carved the paths of the forest, until she plummeted from sheer cliffs into the basins of the earth where she finally felt calm.

The bull greeted her with a proud powerful stomp and lay beside the edge of her bed. He dipped his head to gaze upon her chilled waters so pure he could see his own eyes dancing on her taught metallic surface. “May I drink from you now?” he asked gently.

The water sung softly as she poured more of herself into his basins. “Yes you may my sweet kind bull.”

The bull dipped his head down and hummed joyously as his lips broke the surface of her body and his tongue penetrated her core. He savored the refreshing taste of her essence pouring over his tongue and into the crevices of his parched mouth.

The water sang softly but furiously as her gentle bull lapped his tongue over her surface, drawing out muted cries meant only for his ears, until her waters drenched his powerful snout and his thirst was finally satisfied.

A Tale to Sea

A collection of metaphorical poems by Michele Rosado

Smoky Water Studio

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A Tale to Sea

A collection of metaphorical poems by Michele Rosado