‘I knew from the moment I saw you, our chance encounter would be dangerous. “This one will be trouble. If not trouble himself, our paths merely crossing will lead me into unrest.” I told myself. But I refused to heed my own warnings.

I knew your eyes would entice me with a beauty that would beckon me to stay in their gaze. “I will get lost in the depths of his soul.” I whispered lowly in warning as I refused to avert my eyes.

I knew by your prideful stare that I would crumble to your smile and your warm words. “His heart is too kind, and that is my very weakness.” I murmured, in a futile attempt to end my growing infatuation. Yet I dared you to speak your mind.

I knew your mere glance would stir my waters. “He will look into your soul and see you for the one you were meant to become.”, I hissed upon my own deaf ears. But I refused to keep off your shores.

I knew the thoughts you shared would pull at the foundations of my mental fortresses. “He will force you look inside yourself and forsake your safety of isolation!” I screamed desperately in vain. The pleas were lost to the winds.

I knew somehow someway, even our most brief encounters would obliterate the walls I desperately built to shield myself. “His voice will make you utter your deepest fears and leave you vulnerable.” Still I willingly opened the gates and invited you inside then waited patiently.

I knew there was no avoiding losing myself in your soils. “You will not be able to see the subtle differences between you and he, only your similarities.” My voice drifted away, and like the rains beating upon the plains, I allowed myself to become absorbed by your fertile lands.