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Fancy branching out and listening to new podcasts but don’t quite know how to find them? Thanks to a range of great tools, it’s never been easier. Whether you have a specific category in mind, or simply want to browse the most popular shows, we have you covered. Here are 5 tools to help you discover new podcasts.


Podchaser is a database that lets you discover new podcasts based on user ratings and reviews. Their website allows users to search for individual creators, episodes, categories, and podcasts separately.

Their latest website update introduced a new discovery tool called the Podchaser Feed. Here, you can choose which podcasts, podcast creators or guest appearances you wish to receive updates for. This includes their recent activity, any news releases, and new reviews — all put together in a tidy feed. There’s no limit on the number of podcasts, creators or guests you can receive updates for either.

Podchaser also features curated lists, which allow podcasters and listeners to organize, share and bookmark episodes with ease. Simply head over to the Podchaser website and register an account for free.

Discover Pods

Discover Pods is a service that uses recommendations and reviews to provide detailed descriptions of podcasts — helping you decide what to listen to. The front page of the website features some of the top reviews in addition to staff picks. You’ll also find a range of other podcast-related news articles covering a variety of topics.

Discover Pods requires no account registration and is free to use.


PodSearch is both a website and mobile app that sorts podcasts into lists making them easy to find. Their podcast categories cover a vast number of genres, including some obscure ones you may never have heard of. There is a ‘MyPodSearch’ feature that allows users to find podcasts based on keywords as well.

In addition to this, PodSearch features a ‘Newly Launched Podcasts’ section that helps you find up-and-coming shows. There’s also an option to listen to small audio previews of each show before committing to a full episode.

To register an account, go to the PodSearch website and sign up.


Breaker is a podcast discovery app for iOS and Android devices with an added social element. It allows users to follow their friends and share podcasts with each other. There’s also an integrated chat feature that allows users to communicate without leaving the app.

Breaker features over 300,000 podcasts split into clear categories. Their user interface is simple and easy to navigate with clear titles and a search bar at the top of the page. Breaker also gives users the ability to create custom playlists of their favorite podcasts. Additional features include the ability to skip silences in addition to setting sleep timers that stop a show after a given time — designed for those listeners who tend to fall asleep midway through episodes.

The Breaker app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is the most popular podcast directory in the world with over 750,000 shows and 20 million individual episodes. As such, it is the perfect tool for discovering new podcasts. Apple’s in-house editors regularly update the app with specially curated playlists in all manner of categories — from sports to celebrity gossip and everything in between.

Once you’ve found your favorite shows, Apple Podcasts allows you to subscribe to receive notifications when a new episode goes live. You can also download shows locally, allowing you to listen from anywhere without using your cellular data. In addition to this, users can leave reviews on podcasts to help you decide whether to listen to a show before committing.

The Apple Podcasts app is free to download on all iOS devices.


As can be seen, there are some very useful tools that will help you discover new podcasts. Whether you have a specific genre in mind, or just want to see where the wind takes you, it’s easy to find a show you’ll love. Whatever you decide, there’s one thing that’s for sure — you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sign up for one of our recommended tools and start enjoying new and intriguing podcasts today.

Originally published at on March 16, 2020.




We help women tell their unique stories through podcasting.

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Lauren Popish

Founder and CEO of The Wave Podcasting, helping women tell their unique stories through podcasting.

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