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The Making of Tiiny

A tale of adventure with Kevin and Marc from North Technologies

Marc Hemeon
Sep 15, 2014 · 9 min read

Level 1 — The Land of Ideas

Version 1

Early sketch of Blink. Using Novita NOVA font by Nina Pushkova
Sketches, Wireframes by Kevin and a Blink logo and shutter concept.

Level 2 — Iteration Island

Version 2–4

Versions 2 — 4 of Tiiny (Still called Blink). This product direction made each user the focus of the app.
Iteration is part of the game. Move fast, try lots of stuff!

Version 5

Version 5 of Tiiny included filters, posts that never went away, profile pages and a flash for the camera!
Version 6

Version 6

Using keynote, we often prototyped our ideas to get a feel for the interaction.
:07 Record and Save
:31 Swipe row
:40 profile transition

We iterate on design until we solve our problem while satisfying our taste level.

Gold and blue color inspired by one of our favorite brands — Deus Ex Machina

Level 3 — Pixel Paradise

Version 7

Version 7 of Tiiny. Note the non-emotional face of the profile icon. Kevin thought in this version he was too sad. In the app he is always smiling by default.

Version 8

Version 8 Our true first version of our app, complete with all our screens.

Versions 9–15

Cutting room floor. The birth of Tiiny friends.

Version 16

Level 4 — The Caves of Coding

Level 5 — Icon Icefall

Bonus Round — Feedback Falls

Final Boss — Apple App Store

End Game

Tools we used

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The Way North

The official writings and musings of North Technologies.

Thanks to Kevin Rose.

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    The Way North

    The official writings and musings of North Technologies.