Have No Preferences

“You should not discriminate against or develop special likings for certain weapons, or anything else. Too much of any one thing is the same as not enough.”
— Musashi, The Scroll of Earth, Go Rin No Sho


Finding one’s place and position in roller derby is a daunting prospect and steep learning curve that one must overcome early in their careers. Perhaps your body type and skating technique is more suited for jamming, or vice versa. Sometimes you may want to do both and be a double threat and pivot.

It doesn’t matter.

Once you get to grips with any particular position and become comfortable within it (in blocking, this may be a particular orientation or side), or you have developed a ‘strong side’, then move out of your comfort zone before complacency sets in and get into the mindset of having no favoured position or tactics and press on.

If you are a blocker, this may mean you should make a concerted effort to start jamming. This is not to say you should actually become that position, it is merely a means for you to improve your depth and knowledge of the game, by having a greater understanding on how different positions or orientations operate, and develop a greater perception of how your opponents will respond.


  • Once comfortable with a particular position or orientation or side, switch out and train in your uncomfortable position and so on;
  • Try not to make special preferences or always play in the same place, instead try different things so you can see the game from multiple angles