Trying to loosen up in Montana. Results vary.

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Wisdom from a 72-year-old math savant living in a Hawaiian jungle for decades. (not me btw)

If you follow me on Instagram you may be bored with my Pilates posts. That’s the point — instead of every post being IG ready, I’m showing up to something that is not exciting every time, yet should feel like a miracle. How amazing is it to have these bodies that can move and do what they do?

I’ve got a ways to go in feeling miraculous every time. I took this photo and laughed. In my mind’s eye, I was super deep in this pose, and ha! the camera doesn’t lie. I’m super tight in this pose.

At least the scenery is sublime. Postcard-worthy view of Flathead Lake from this patio. Inspired by hummingbird acro-yoga. Check out the IG post to see more pics, my internet connection is terrible here so I didn’t upload more photos.

Flexibility is a focus for the next few months and beyond. Real-life superman David Goggins stretches 2 hours a day, after nearly dying when his body shut down from years of intense workouts without proper recovery.

I watched a movie on YT called the Art of Life. The subject was a 72-year-old math savant named Michael who has been living in the Hawaiian jungle for years. He practices Tibetan Buddhism and daily yoga. He’s not wealthy; he pieced together his life week by week.

I would say he’s got the body of a 40-year-old, but these days, relative youth is no guarantee of a healthy body. One of my writing clients is a consultant for medical device startups. I write posts for their blog, super interesting stuff. The statistics in developed countries for “lifestyle disease” — illness from poor diet, unhealthy habits, and no exercise — are not good, especially as drugs can keep people alive longer.

Michael’s father used to say, What if everyone lived as you do? Good question. A better one is, what if more of us turned our backs on what doesn’t serve us and the world, and focused on what does? How many hours could we free up? Enough to sit quietly for a few minutes doing nothing? To exercise or write or create for an hour? Or two? To push past the resistance and make a new routine of doing less, owning less, sensing more?

Speaking of owning and grasping, Michael had an interesting comment about how humans’ ability to grasp with our hands shaped human development and psyche. We literally want to grab and consume and own.

I think about my work building Impactoverse and the other inspiring people I’m meeting who are creating useful and helpful portals to the virtual world. Will increasing our comfort level with the intangible loosen humans’ destructive chokehold on our physical reality?

Back to Michael, my friend in the jungle. He often hikes 2 miles to a beach several times a week to swim with dolphin pods. He can also do the splits, literally and spiritually. He’s got one foot in this world and the other someplace else.

“Oh, I could never do that. Plus that’s weird. Don’t even really want to live in the jungle.”

Resistance speaks. To let you off the hook so you will miss the point.

We don’t have to live in a Hawaiian jungle for 50 years to help save the world starting with ourselves. Sometimes we do need to get outside of a highly distractive environment to see it for what it is. Kind of like the Matrix, right? A trip or two or several intentional journeys can take you a long way.

It was interesting to come across that movie, I’ve been taking notes for my next book since January. The title is The Math of Life. That should be the title for the movie, but I’m glad it isn’t!

Living in motion update:

I was planning to go to Mexico in August and move back to Houston in October. After meditation one day, right-brain sent a feeling that bubbled up as the thought hmm, that idea now feels a bit heavy and frenetic.

Left-brain said directly (because left-brain’s FAVORITE thing to do is yammer on) It’s an expensive time-consuming hassle to get in and out of Montana from the Flathead Valley. It makes more sense to go to Mexico from Houston, where I’ll be in October for a bit. Whole-brain is correct! : D

So, I’m leaning in and staying in #Montana for August. It may be a cool magic place on a hot planet, or it may be air quality warnings and views socked in by wildfire smoke. We will see.

#FlatheadLake, at any rate, isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s a super-rare specimen on a super dirty planet. It is still clean and well-protected. The days are long and I’ve got my paddleboard.#SUPMontana

I’m going back to a house by the lake for a couple of weeks and will be back on the mountain for a longer #housesitting stay later this month. Very grateful for this opportunity to ping-pong between lakeshore and mountainside. Not to say it doesn’t have some tradeoffs, but it is pretty incredible. I’m planning some Way of the Tigress activities from the book on the mountain, will keep you posted.

Grateful for you all. Sending you love and a high five for a fab June.




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