How to Wrestle a Garrafon (with video)

If you are contemplating “work from anywhere” in a country where drinking bottled water is advisable, I created a quick video with some advice on how to save $ and decrease plastic.

In the past I would have not asked for help, I would have just lugged bottles of water back and forth for two weeks and ended up spending a lot more money and having a big pile of plastic trash.😒

Part of knowing my purpose is practicing conserving energy as much as possible for activities in my zone of genius.

I am getting much better at asking for help, something that does not come naturally given my genetic disposition from Midwestern farming roots of my grands and great-grands.

Just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should do it. I notice women have a harder time with this because we can multitask and we may feel we have something to prove.

If there is someone better equipped to do an activity and it helps them out, why wouldn’t I choose that? Especially the heavy lifting 😀💪 so hooray for male muscle power!

You can view the video on my Instagram Follow me while you are there!

#energy #wellness #zoneofgenius #focustomoveforward #personalbtanding #workfromanywhere

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Kala Philo

Kala Philo

Hi! I’m a Web3 and tech marketing writer and co-founder. I also write about personal growth via immersive travel. More info at