Which Guardians Are Choosing You?

How your Shadow Side Helps You

Do you ever feel like your life is a shadow cast by a tumult of realities happening just the other side of what’s in front of you? Or that the imprint of strong past energies still prowls in the shadows of our 3D world?

The tiger photo is from Fire Engine Company 6 in Chinatown. The Chinese New Year coming up ushers in the year of the Tiger. I didn’t realize that 2022 was a Tiger year when the name (and the Tigress) came to me about nine months ago.

One of the Way of the Tigress steps is choosing a Shadow traveling companion. What I mean by that is this: When I get stalled or scared, I ask myself what the Shadow persona would do. It’s a mental trick that often works.

Last summer in the Yucatan, I chose La Pirata. Actually, given how fascinated I was with the rich history of pirating along the Mayan coast, she chose me. Since November, I’ve been working with the Warrior.

I invited the Warrior when I was still in Spanish Harlem. I said goodbye to La Pirata for a while. I wanted to finish up my book that teaches how to use travel to level up and exploit inevitable life transitions. It’s called The Way of the Tigress, Inner Journey — Outer Adventure to Discover a More Powerful You.

I knew to finish the book I needed focus and discipline, two things pirates are not exactly known for. I wasn’t even thinking of Chinatown or the obvious connection between Warriors and Chinese culture when I invited the Warrior in.

I’ve been in Chinatown now for about two months. I’m leaving Jan. 4 for Montana. After I moved down to Chinatown, I again had this strange feeling that, like la Pirata, the Warrior had chosen me instead of the other way around. It hit me as I came around the corner my first day here and saw a large Warrior mural that looked very familiar, even though I don’t remember seeing it before in a picture.

This mural is at the entrance to Doyers Street, a curved lane notorious for ambushes, murders, and Chinese gang warfare in the mid to late 1800s. The street now serves its penance as a charming pedestrian-only area with colorfully painted cobblestones, tea tables, and cute umbrellas. The old gang bosses must be wincing in their graves.

The whole time I’ve been in Chinatown, I’ve felt an undercurrent of uneasy awareness, like being on alert. I only recently learned that I’m just two blocks from the old Five Points area, also infamous for mayhem, murder, and horrific racial warfare between Protestants and Catholics in the mid-1800s. If I were to walk these same streets at night 200 years ago, I would likely not survive.

Five Points is now Columbus Park, bordered on one side by Chinese funeral parlors and, in a fitting turn of tables, the other by the ugly buildings of the Manhattan borough judicial complex. It seems the city fathers wanted to literally pave over the torrid history of Five Points.

As I’m writing my book, I check in daily with the Warrior. She’s not always patient, and she’s not warm and fuzzy. At all. But she is strategic, and she gets sh*t done. And she’s very handy when I walk back to the Airbnb after dark.

It may sound crazy to you; it even does to me as I write this and see the unfolding synergy between the Warrior, where I am, and what I’m doing. Having said that, I’ve lived an unconventional life for the last seven years. I often see that my subconscious sends me Shadow protectors before I even know I will need them.

Unfortunately, usually what happens is people label their Shadow side as “bad” and repress it. I did that for years. Denial doesn’t work because when we repress or ignore our Shadow side, it does not say, “Oh, OK, I give up, I’ll just go sleep in the corner.”

Uh, no.

If you open yourself up to the idea that maybe, just maybe, your waking 3D experience is the tip of the iceberg, that every part of you has some strength to lend and is waiting to take its turn at your side, life can become very interesting indeed. My book goes into some of the brain science behind how all this works, too.

If you aren’t on my list, you can sign up to receive email updates HERE. I’d love to have you along for the adventure.

And…Happy Year of the Tigress!

Originally published at https://kalaphilo.simplerosites.com.



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Kala Philo

Hi! I’m a Web3 and tech marketing writer and co-founder. I also write about personal growth via immersive travel. More info at kalaphilo.com