Who’s a Bigger Threat?

Kim Jong-un or Scott Pruitt?

When “climate” or “science” is mentioned, Pruitt hides behind his glasses.

A false equivalency — the EPA head and the North Korean dictator — you say? Well, yes, because the EPA’s Pruitt and all the other Trump Administration science-deniers — together with their fossil-fuel lobbyists/campaign contributors/enablers — are on track to ensure that life as we know it will surely end. Here are the numbers:

Up to 8 million dead should North Korea and the United States go to war. That’s according to strategic planners’ “worst-case” war game scenario, says Fox News.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that as many as 100 million could die from climate change by the year 2030. That includes everything from increased risk of heat, flooding, other natural disasters, and diseases (like those carried by mosquitoes). In addition to the deaths, 250 million people could be forced to deal with sea-level rise, 30 million will experience more extreme weather and flooding, and 5 million people will suffer desertification, the process by which fertile land becomes desert.

Already, as many as 400,000 deaths worldwide can be attributed to climate change.


Come to think about it, Kim Jong-un and Scott Pruitt even look a bit alike! The same Pillsbury-Doughboy-like, marshmallowy face. And one can imagine them, like the Doughboy, giggling. But unlike the Doughboy, the giggling comes not from being poked in the belly by human cooks but from the evil pleasure they must derive from the way they’re cooking the planet and touching all of humankind in the gut.

Meanwhile, the world weeps.