Travel with a purpose

Mussiro was created for happiness

If you ask yourself what happiness means, most of the time you can end up with fuzzy conceptual theories that don’t help at all. But, when you ask yourself what happiness feels like, you immediately transport to a single, specific moment or maybe even to a series of them. If you can look at these moments and search for what they have in common, you’ll most probably discover what happiness means to you and not what the concept represents in general.

If you continue on and, for example, exclude the given happy moments such as the birth of a child or the day you met your beloved partner, you can reach what some call “a life’s purpose”.

When I did this exercise, the moments I identified were the ones where I was building bridges for people, ideas, places and other cultures. I identified exact situations and projects that made me feel my kind of happy, even if it had been for just a little while. For me, it was things like being a host at CoWork Lab, coaching start-ups, speaking at a conference, being an experiential learning facilitator and a travel guide for friends to places that I love.

Mussiro is about getting all this in one single shot. It’s about building steady bridges. On one side, there’s always someone, a person; on the other, there’s always a new place, a new idea and new people. I just love it so much!

Mussiro has a Why, a How and a What and, hopefully, we’ll have you, too.

Our WHY?— we exist to create better travel experiences, to make traveling meaningful.

At Mussiro, we believe that there’s a better way to travel, that diversity needs to be embraced and never diminished, much less tolerated as sometimes is done. Heterogeneity needs to be embraced, celebrated and well and truly lived.

We believe that everyone should be put in positions that will surprise and transform through the experience, through the learning they bring. We work ruthlessly to create these experiences and to facilitate them for those who look to us for them.

And HOW is this done?

This is achieved by celebrating diversity in every place visited, by treasuring it, by respecting it to the fullest. This is also, and surely, achieved by having the most fun, by dancing with the world regardless of the music playing.

We dive deep, we refuse to float on the surface. No matter if it’s places, ideas or people, we dive deep because that’s the only way an experience can be transformational.

What? We have one of those too!

Mussiro creates and delivers travel expeditions to select places in the World for business development, for remote workers, artist retreats or for those that just want to have fun.

Some only last two weeks, others last longer. We provide the experience from arrival to departure and make sure that Mussiro’s DNA is all over each experience.

When do we start? On February, 2018.
Inaugural Journey — Two weeks in Mozambique.

On February 24th, 2018, we’ll be hosting our first group in Maputo, Mozambique. We’ll be going straight to Inhaca Island where we’ll officially kick-off the first Mussiro (ad)venture. This experience will last for two weeks and focus on the business opportunities that Mozambique has for SMEs and freelancers from all over the world. We’ll be meeting with some of the country’s major economic development players and working from the most amazing cowork space in Maputo. We will also, of course, make sure that everyone gets a taste of what Mussiro is all about — we’ll be going local and having a blast.

Join us! We want to see you there.

Head on to our website for a chance to win a 50% discount for our inaugural destination (worth over 850€)

Mussiro is creating and delivering immersive travel experiences for businesses, remote workers, freelancers, teams and anyone who seeks a more meaningful connection with the places we travel to and the people we travel with.