Logos We Like — August 2016

Who doesn’t love a good logo design? Here at Web-Crunch we are kicking off a new monthly inspirational series featuring our favorite collection of design inspiration. This series will continue monthly as well as tap into some web design inspiration in the months to come. I hope you enjoy this month’s favorites. Stay tuned for more!

Giant Propeller — by Arif Rachman Hakim
Locomative — by Sergey Kovalenko
smartask — by Jeroen van Eerden
Monster Coffee by IIsixo_O
Filmarium — by Sava Stoic
Untamed — by Arif Rachman Hakim
Boston Harbor Islands — by Bryce Walhof
Sound UK — by IWANT design
Eventum — by Studio MH
Banana smile — by Carlos Puentes
Crypt TV — by Henry Daubrez
Swan Pin Logo — by Yuri Kartashev
Piano Map — by Newrooera
Stonegate — by Dusan Klepic
Photobus — by LeoLogos.com

Originally published at web-crunch.com on September 1, 2016.

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