Lyrics are back on the desktop, time to go all karaoke.

Ever since Spotify and Musixmatch discontinued their partnership I have been eagerly waiting for synchronized lyrics to arrive to the desktop from either one of these companies. Well ladies and gentlemen, waiting is over!

The email I received from Musixmatch

As I checked my spam folder today (something that I rarely ever get to) I noticed an email from Musixmatch which oddly enough ended up in there (thanks Inbox by Gmail…).

It included a download link to a .exe setup file (sorry linux/mac users, or not, I’ll get back to it later).

Download the beta

After I’d downloaded and installed it, it presented me with a simple window that’s always on top by default (you can change it in it’s settings). It just shows the lyrics to the song the same as it did when it was shipped inside Spotify. You can still edit and sync the lyrics and even the “full lyrics” mode has survived. The always on top feature actually proves to be quite useful if you want to continue singing your favourite songs while working/browsing/spotifying. It’s also a feature Musixmatch could never have provided if they’d remained inside the Spotify app.

The Musixmatch desktop app working

Now to the technical bit of the app. From my own research I can say that this is an Electron app. Now to get back on my linux/mac remark I made earlier: given the fact that this is an Electron app, I don’t see why this wouldn’t work on linux/mac. I’ve extracted the .exe file and ended up with the original source code, so this could indeed be tweaked to work on any platform really. (If someone accomplishes this, please let me know).

Source code of the Musixmatch desktop app

It even uses it’s own spotify-webhelper module to communicate with the Spotify app. (The code also references the iTunes app but I can’t check it out right now). It using the webhelper means Spotify could possibly decide to shut it down at any moment (though it spoofs it’s origin to appear as if it were Spotify).

All in all, I really enjoy the arrival of this great app and think that, given it’s current state, it’ll be released to the public pretty soon.

I’m Thomas, a 17 y/o student living in the southern part of The Netherlands. I like to write short stories/articles once in a while. I’ve recently obtained my CPE certificate from Cambridge University. In practicing for the exam I started to write more and really enjoyed it. So it’s definitely a habit that’ll stick around. Though my English should classify as “native speaker”, my writing is still far from perfect. If you have any remarks, please state them, I’m happy to learn!

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