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DIY Cordova case for Raspberry Pi

Hi, this is Hosoi of Monaca team.

This time I will write a short report about Raspberry Pi case I made with LEGO.

One of my colleagues in Monaca team asked me to make a case for a Raspberry Pi he bought the other day. I decided to create it with LEGO. I also decided to give it Monaca-ish feel.

I don’t know the official name, but I named it “Cordova-kun.”

For this case, I needed to make it rectangular shape, although Cordova logo originally is a cubic shape.

Face of Cordova-kun becomes a lid.

It fits the default Raspberry Pi case perfectly.

Top view.

I placed green and red parts to represent raspberry. The person sitting on the chair is an engineer who is making a Cordova application.

You can see holes on a side and the back for Raspberry Pi’s outlets.

It’s also possible to directly connect other cables through the door. The red wires you see are connected to thermometer and hygrometer. Cordova-kun will tell the temperature and humidity in the office.

I feel like I use different parts of brain when I make LEGO occasionally. Though, I’m not allowed to play LEGO while working in the office, it’s always good to have a playful mind as an Asial employee.



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