Monaca x Onsen UI at PhoneGap Day US 2016

Adobe wrapped up the PhoneGap Day US about two weeks ago. The conference was held at the beautiful Adobe office in Lehi, Utah. Monaca x Onsen Team was very proud to attend this event and make a contribution to the PhoneGap community.

Gathering “Phonegappers” at the wonderful office surrounded by snowy mountains was like a dream. Hundreds of mobile developers filled the atmosphere with creativity, exciting aspirations and pure joy.

Developers had an opportunity to prep up well for the sessions, as the Workshop day offered 18 diverse sessions that covered everything from PhoneGap for Beginners to Optimizing Performance and User Interface, which was presented by our Monaca x Onsen UI Founder and CEO, Masahiro Tanaka.

Masa’s presentation was also part of The PhoneGap Day conference lineup, as he talked about Using Monaca Cloud to Enhance Cordova Development. He surprised the audience with a special demo treat, the Cordova Final Quest Game, created exclusively for this occasion.

Masa’s presentation explained how to enhance Cordova development using Monaca Cloud.

The audience was amazed and amused by Masa’s’ Cordova Final Quest Game, which displayed the simplicity and immense power of Monaca.

In case you have missed the PhoneGap Day US 2016, you can still access the presentation on SlideShare, while the downloadable and playable Cordova Final Quest Game awaits you on Github.

Obeying the “work hard, play harder” rule, the Cordova Final Quest Game wasn’t the only bonus feature of the event. On Saturday all attendees were invited to the complimentary Ski Day at the Sundance Mountain Resort.

Hitting the slopes and cooling down our brain after 2 busy days of state-of-the art hybrid app development was truly priceless experience — especially shared with our fellow PhoneGap community leaders.

Missed us this time? See you at the PhoneGap Day Europe!

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