Monthly Monaca Updates — Sep 2018

We have made quite a large updates to Monaca Platform, mainly to provide users with more flexible development options.

PWA Support

Progressive Web Apps is now one of the deployment options, together with iOS, Android and Windows apps. Although the feature itself is experimental, you can now deploy your app to the public web. We are currently supporting Firebase as the deployment provider, and will add more providers based on the user’s requests.

PWA Configuration Page

To try out the PWA deployment, simply create a project and run “Build App for PWA”. For more details, please check out this documentation.

Monaca CLI and Localkit 3.0 Release

Monaca CLI and Localkit, our local development companions, had a major overhaul. The biggest change from the previous version is the way the project keeps build dependencies. Previously, Monaca CLI and Localkit had separated necessary packages for building (i.e. Webpack, Babel, etc.) from the project itself. Although this has advantages, the problem exists when the user want to upgrade their build dependencies.

With the latest release, all packages are “ejected” and bundled into its project. Therefore, the user can customize their build configurations and even upgrade each build tools separately.

This also allows the user to import their existing project into Monaca. Currently, we support Vue CLI, Angular CLI, React CLI, Ionic CLI and PhoneGap CLI. For more details, please read the following documentation:

Other Notable Changes

We have updated some other places for enhancement. Please check out Release Notes and Updates section of our documentation.

Again, thanks everyone for using Monaca and/or Onsen UI! Hope you feel our enhancements useful. We also are looking forward to hearing your feedbacks too!