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Ninja App Contest Winner: PopVox

We’re proudly presenting the first winner of the Monaca x Onsen UI App Ninja Monthly Contest:

French development team Setavoo impressed us with the originality and appealing UI design of their app PopVox.

When developer’s idea improves communities

About a year ago, a coding duo from France discussed the difficulty of interaction between French citizens and functionaries. Some individuals have great city improvement ideas, but how can they proceed and voice their comments to the people who are in power to endorse these changes? Is it as simple as making a phone call or paying a visit to the City Hall?

Taking action is never easy, but when you need to overcome the lack of information and bureaucratic barriers, most great ideas subside under unapproachability of the people in charge.

That’s why Setavoo decided to bridge the gap between citizens and government officials and impact communities, improving life standards by providing a digital service for the population. PopVox was born to overcome misunderstandings in society and improve the quality of life.

Expanding ways of communication

PopVox allows citizens to state their opinion about neighborhoods and point out advantages and downsides they are facing in their daily lives. It enables users to share experience and provide feedback on handling troublesome situations, answer surveys or sign up for participation in community projects. With bi-directional communication, users can receive and respond to mayor’s push notifications, alerts and geolocated events.

The app is tailored for diversified audience, from young people who are reluctant using traditional channels of communication with elected officials, to older population using PopVox to share and discuss their views and hometown experiences.

Good job gets rewarded

PopVox received our App Excellence Award via the App Ninja Monthly Contest. But the real reward lies within the results of their work:

Even though PopVox released only a while ago, it already impacted communities throughout France, generating and pursuing useful ideas:

  • Transforming wasteland in play areas
  • Improving the streets by changing the flow direction
  • Saving energy by avoiding daytime usage of street lamps
  • Reporting undetected leaks

One French city even used PopVox to implement a mobile library! Citizens were able to donate time or books through PopVox, bringing cultural education to isolated areas.

Onsen UI Framework ensured compatibility — fast!

PopVox is a full HTML5, CSS and Javascript application wrapped with PhoneGap, using PhoneGap plugins for geolocation, camera, Facebook connect, social sharing, etc. On server side Setavoo used PostGIS to provide geolocated information and execute distance and time calculations.

Setavoo developers are always choosing their software carefully. As a startup, they require robust, but easily implemented solutions, while paying attention to their budget. The size and dynamics of the community, as well as prompt support are certainly key factors as well.

As Setavoo tried several frameworks, they chose Onsen UI due to its very fast and visually appealing elements, as well as regular feature updates. Onsen UI ensured the compatibility between different platforms, which was only one of the ways of saving development process time.

Flawless and beautiful hybrid app in only 4 months

The hardest part of PopVox creation was defining the communication need between mayors and citizens. With the help of Onsen UI and PhoneGap, 2 developers coded the application within 4 months only! Onsen UI features are enabling them to incorporate new features each month, and their plan is to provide a worldwide solution and improve lives of the global population soon.

Learn more about the App Ninja Monthly Contest

The Monaca x Onsen UI App Ninja Contest is an app development competition for the best hybrid app developed using Monaca or Onsen UI.

Submit your app and showcase it.




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