2015 — Week Nineteen

4–10 May

Started the week getting the Gypsy Danger ready for consecutive guests, and kicking off a major inspection at work. Ended the week attending Joe’s graduation from his MBA program, hanging out with him and Kaiti, who was in town for the same occasion, and doing a bit of uncle-ing with Adi and Kieran.

Accomplished a few useful things at work, including signing up to renew my French language certification (which nets me an extra $300 per month) and writing up awards and fitness reports for several of my Marines. Getting quite close to the end of my tour here, now, so it’s mostly wrapping up loose ends at this point.

Felt, all in all, like a bit of a wasted week. I didn’t do any journaling during the week, so am not entirely certain what I was spending my time on, but suffice it to say, I didn’t feel terribly productive.

Basically, this is just the sort of thing that these little retrospectives are supposed to prevent — anytime one looks back on a week gone by and sees little of note, one can take efforts to make the next week more awesome.

It helps, though, to do what you already know needs doing — last week I wrote:

I can probably do better by re-writing my “Daily” tasks on HabitRPG to reflect 3 vice 4 liters of water, (which is totes apropes for my bodyweight) tweaking my workout to take less time, and focus on sustainment vice growth for the next 60 days, which is a period full of travel, which makes it hard to hold to a more robust gym schedule. Also adding specific tasks for social media engagement and personal writing.

So, yes. Do that.

Here’s to doing better in the week to come…

p.s. For all that kvetching, life’s really not so bad, when you wake up to views like this…

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