Student Manager is “Well-Suited” for Frisbee Success

Mateo Casalino — Team Manager

Nancy Iff, coach of Overlake’s Junior Varsity Ultimate Frisbee team, thinks the team’s manager, Mateo Casalino, looked like a boss when his team beat Northwest 13–2 on Friday. Perhaps it was the confidence he displayed managing the team — but it also could have been the dapper business suit he wore on the sideline.

“Mateo came out today in style,” Nancy said. “He showed up looking like a manager and he did everything he needed to. He was great about keeping the stats and really supporting his team.”

Mateo, a junior, could be seen running the sidelines in a blue suit and tie, taking notes, tracking who has been in for the points to ensure equal playing time, and vocally lending his support.

Despite his high energy, he takes a pretty low-key approach to his responsibilities. “As manager, it’s not very exciting actually,” Mateo said. “I keep lineups, I also keep track of who scores and who threw the points. Also, I bring out water, I bring out ice.”

He said his chosen attire gets the team riled up. “I wore this suit today to get the team hyped and excited to play against Northwest, our rivals.” It worked, as the Owls scored seven points in the first half and six in the second to win their first game of the season.

Mateo said he had hoped to play on the team himself, but Wednesday ACT prep prevents him from attending practices. “So I asked Joey [Pauley] if there was anything else I could do because I still wanted to help the team.”

Already, Mateo is making his mark. He’s the first student manager of the Ultimate team, and he occasionally does double-duty managing the JV games.

With his signature optimism, Mateo can confidently say that he is “looking at a bright future” for the Overlake Frisbee world. “I’m very proud of our players,” he said. “I think that everyone has been playing really well so far. The rest of the season looks very good.”

The team’s coach has equal confidence in her manager. “I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing [from Mateo],” Nancy said. “And I’m looking forward to what’s coming for the rest of the season.”

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