The Weekly Box Office Report

Power Rangers Out Performs It’s Expectations, But Doesn’t Have Enough In The Tank To Outpace Beauty And The Beast

Weekend Domestic Numbers for March 24–26, 2017

1. Beauty and the Beast — $88,347,000
2. Power Rangers — $40,500,000
3. Kong: Skull Island — $14,425,000
4. LIFE — $12,600,000
5. Logan — $10,145,000

The Big Story

This week’s big story is pretty easy — Beauty and the Beast vs. The Power Rangers, and the clear winner was Beauty and the Beast; by about 48 million dollars. Beauty and the Beast’s continued box office success has made it one of the fastest grossing films, amassing $315 million in just ten days. It also only dropped about 49.4% (I predicted a 50% drop for them in week two, fyi) which is pretty remarkable. At this point in the game I would say that a lot of the sales were first-time viewers who came either because they weren’t able to see it last week, or because of the positive buzz that has been surrounding this movie. It’s a little bit early to say that a large percentage of the box office total is from repeat viewing, however if Beauty and Beast is going to stay in the #1 spot after this weekend it will need those repeat views.

Power Rangers may not have taken the #1 spot this weekend, but it was no slouch either. Opening around $40 million, this movie was expected to do about $30 million. If you read my review, you know that I had a surprisingly good time watching Power Rangers this weekend. I would say the surety of this movie being guaranteed a sequel depends heavily on it’s week 2, and perhaps even week 3, box office numbers. If the Rangers could have pulled $60 — $80 million I’d think a sequel would imminent. I’m *hoping* Power Rangers can bring in $15 — $20 million next week, because I would really like to see where Lionsgate and Saban can take this story.

Other Takeaways From This Week

Kong: Skull Island dropped two spots this week coming in third for the domestic box office, grossing around $14 million. Logan was also able to hang around in the top 5 this past weekend with a $10 million showing. That takes Logan’s domestic total to around $200 million. That’s pretty impressive, however I will point out that Deadpool at this same time during it’s theatrical run was I believe around $310 million — so Logan has done well, but Deadpool did in fact do a little better.

Coming in fourth this past weekend was LIFE with $12.6 million. This isn’t a bad first week showing, but it’s not that great either. This was their week to really make some money in the box office. I thought this was a good movie, but next week Ghost in the Shell is coming out, drawing the same audience, it’s really hard to say whether or not LIFE will even make the top 5 next week.


Next week the competition for the top three spots will be between Beauty and Beast, Power Rangers, and Ghost in the Shell. Boss Baby is also coming out, and it’s my dark horse for top three but it’s long shot dependent on how many families show up to see this.

  1. Ghost in the Shell
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Power Rangers
  4. Boss Baby
  5. Kong: Skull Island

You heard it here first. That’s how I see it breaking down, but what do you guys think? What did you see this past weekend? Let me know in the comments below.