Five Minor Compliments

Each week on the podcast, my guests and I are forced to come up with at least two compliments no matter how bad the topic is. My favorite is the last one, the Minor Compliment, because after an hour of ripping on something, it can be exhausting trying to think of something nice to say. Minor Compliments can be incredibly thin. For today, I’ve decided to skip the whole hour and just give some very minor compliments to some things I hate.

The U.S. Congress

I like that they still take “recesses.” That’s adorable.

Junk Mail

Lets me know the mailman has definitely already come so my package won’t be here until tomorrow.


I admire that they let themselves be led out of Ireland long before the Potato Famine.

Ted Cruz

Teddy Cruz is a pretty good gay porn-star name.


If second place is first loser, then penultimate place is the first winner!

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