Lightning Bonus Reviews #5

Opinions are like assholes. There are lots of them on the Internet. But at least these are small?

Manhunt: Unabomber

Everybody shit themselves about that garbage OJ Simpson show with John Travolta playing a drunk cartoon character, but the Discovery Channel’s brilliant true crime show Manhunt: Unabomber just snuck by. And it shouldn’t have. It deserved to blow up. (Sorry about that. Actually, on further thought, no. I’m not sorry at all. This is who I am).

It (2017)

I don’t like It. You shouldn’t watch It. It isn’t good. The only redeeming quality It has is being a fun movie title to use in sentences.
BUT I guess if you really like movies that make you feel gross, you’ll like It. The child acting alone will unsettle you for days.


I remember eating celery as a kid… because I’m still chewing a piece.


It’s the MLB postseason. And look, baseball isn’t the best game. It’s like 80% commercials for trucks.

But the one thing I absolutely love about baseball is the huge wads of sunflower seeds they eat WHILE THEY’RE PLAYING. That’s a level of dedication to snacking that I have to admire.