Lightning Bonus Round: Troll Opinions

There’s a recurring segment on the podcast where I say something that seems perfectly reasonable to me and then people jump all over me. So here are a collected series of some of my opinions that are guaranteed to ruin a party if I say them out loud.

Hamilton is corny AF

It sounds like your “cool” high school teacher just burst in the door wearing a wig and beat boxing before laying down his sick rhymes to make history more fun. “My name’s A Ham and I’m here to say, I love federalism in a major way.”

The only good part of the Sopranos is the opening

For a show about mobsters, how does nothing exciting happen? One episode a season they shoot people, but the rest of the time it was a show where watching a guy drive across New Jersey was the emotional peak.

There are only two good Star Wars movies

Okay, that one’s not real, but it is a fun troll thing to say and then let people try to guess which two.

But seriously. There are only three good Star Wars Movies.

Hint: it includes Episode 7.

Stranger Things is irredeemably boring

I wanted to like it, but the suspenseful parts were just blinking lights. And then the monster has a whole season to eat a kid and nothing else in his reality to do besides eating that kid, yet somehow it just slips his mind to eat that one kid? Just eat the kid. In fact, eat all the kids. Make it easier for all of us.