Pros & Cons of Vaccination

I’m very pro vaccines. Or another way to put that, I’m anti-polio.

Maybe you’re not worried about polio because it seems so far off. I get it, it sounds like one of those old-timey illnesses you couldn’t possibly get now, like if doctors wanted to immunize you against Trench Foot or King’s Rot or Charizards. But the reason it sounds old timey is because we beat it. With vaccines. We wiped out polio like we did with wild buffalo. People are amazing.

Well, we didn’t do shit. Jonas Salk defeated Polio with vaccines. Isn’t that badass? We have the name of the guy who beat Polio. The only things I’ve defeated is an ice cream eating challenge and Mario 64. And to be honest, I had to look up a couple of the star locations for Mario.

But let’s break it apart and look at the pros and cons of this controversial issue, just to see how things balance.


  • Not as many kids have Polio these days
  • Lots of other devastating diseases are also largely irradicated
  • If your kid doesn’t have measles, they won’t give measles to others
  • And the best thing about vaccines is how they work. They don’t go in and fight a virus that’s already in your body. It’s better than that. Salk beat Polio by injecting a dead version of the disease into your body so when the polio virus gets into your blood stream it sees the corpses of its friends hanging there from the walls of your arteries and it’s like, “Oh shit. They got Randy. Go back! Go back! Let’s go paralyze somebody else!”


  • Needles. Yikes!

So that’s about it. Hopefully that helps you make an educated decision.