The Weekr. Case study and philosophy of the product.

Hustle with repetitive tasks

Going to gym, Cleaning the house, Do shopping, Read book, Do online courses… How many repetative tasks do you have every week? How do you prioritise? Did you catch yourself sometime on laziness? Today is Wednesday, I was planning to go to gym… But maybe it can wait, I had a long day…

Introducing The Weekr. New way to organise your daily tasks. Planning ahead is a key factor to every success, because when you plan — you have result-driven thinking. Otherwise there are so many factors which can disturb you: bad weather, bad mood, laziness, problems at work etc. Ask any successful person and everyone will mention self-discipline as the way of achieving results. Very famous and respected motivational speaker Napoleon Hill, who analysed life of hundreds of successful people was saying:

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Pick a task from a pool and assign to any day of the week

And that’s the beauty of The Weekr. It allows you to plan your tasks in advance: either before each week, or before every day. The key focus is to motivate yourself by ticking out completed tasks for each day.

For example. You know that every week, you should spend few days on online learning. That’s it. It’s your global task. You pick your days and you do it. The Weekr will also allow you to use sub-tasks if you want do divide your tasks on smaller chunks (e.g. “find best online courses on blockchain”, “find best traditional courses”, “apply for course” etc.).

In the top of the app you can see your performance during the week: how manu tasks you got assigned and how many of them were comleted. It is suggested to have at least 3 different jobs per day and there is no guarranty that you complete all of them, hovewer that is something what will motivate you.

Doing so week-by-week, you can check your performance on the graph and if you do bad, you might rethink of improving your approaches for work.

You can access the live version of our web application at and start improving your productivity now. No registration required, as all your data will be stored locally.

Please tell us in comments what tools you use to keep yourself organised 🙏🏻

The Weekr

Time Management tool with focus on weeks which allows to plan the week, track progress and improve productivity.

Vladyslav Selitbovskyi

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The Weekr

The Weekr

Time Management tool with focus on weeks which allows to plan the week, track progress and improve productivity.