Plain Jane I Am Not

Winter me though, harder to see

A picture of me Jenny Lane on my back porch in my white wicker chair with the blue and white striped cushions, my white kitten gloved hand is under my chin. I am leaning forward, have on my long brown winter coat, I’m smiling. My head has my new Christmas gift pink beanie hat G gave me. My hair isn’t brushed ha. There is a painting of the sea dunes behind me.

Having the name Jenny Lane means at some point someone will call me Jane. Essentially, it’s my full name condensed, so I get it. Part of life.

Plain Jane, without the extra letters.

Hearing it though, does suck me back into my plain Jane mode. A place I’ve been grappling with since adolescence.



Have you struggled with body image and sexuality? Are you working on childhood wounds? Let’s talk about it!

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Jenny Lane

An overthinking human who writes to make room in her mind and peace in our hearts. Art and words are my love letters to the world.