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Bigfoot: In Your State?

You might recognize this Bigfoot footage: The Patterson-Gimlin Film (1967). Ever since this movie came out, people all over have declared they have seen the bipedal giant.

However, Bigfoot stories go further back than the 1960s. Native American tribes have been sharing Bigfoot stories for centuries. In the Kwakiutl tribe, they tell the story of Dzunukwa, a tall, hairy woman. The First Nations have called Bigfoot “Sasq’ets” in the Halkomelen language, where we get our Sasquatch name.

How many of these hairy creatures are roaming around the US? Is Bigfoot in your state, in your backyard watching you as you read this article? Many states have revealed their own Bigfoot encounters.


Rob Lowe may not return to Arkansas ever again. During an episode of his show, The Lowe Files, Lowe reportedly spotted a “wood ape,” and it scared the bejesus out of him.

Meanwhile, legends of Bigfoot haunted the small town of Fouke. There, it’s simply called The Fouke Monster. The story goes a red-eyed Bigfoot terrorized local resident Bobby Ford and his family. The monster was shot multiple times but no signs of blood. After tending to his injuries from the attack, Ford and his family moved out of Fouke.

The Fouke Monster tale inspired the faux-documentary The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972).


With enough woods in California, you know there has to be a Bigfoot report or two. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the highest number of Bigfoot reports come from Trinity (21), Shasta (26), Siskiyou (31), Tuolumne (37), and Humboldt (42).

A woman reported Bigfoot dragged her while she was chilling inside her tent. Another woman sued the state because authorities doubted she and her daughters ever saw one out at Lake Arrowhead.


Leon Drew of Cripple Creek has become an active Bigfoot hunter after he encountered Bigfoot twice. He met a young, female Bigfoot during those encounters. It fled as soon Drew was about to take a picture of her.

If you drive down Pikes Peak Highway, you’ll notice Bigfoot crossing signs. Pikes Peak National Park is one of the many Bigfoot hotspots in Colorado. Bigfoot also has been seen at Park, Teller, Conejos, El Paso, and Eagle counties.


Bigfoot is known as the “Skunk Ape” down in Florida for his pungent smell. The Skunk Ape has been sighted at the Green Swamp Wildlife area and Myakka Park.

A White Springs, Florida resident says he has seen an entire Bigfoot family crossing the road. That’s something to see. Where are the pictures?


Don’t think you’ll find Bigfoot strutting around downtown ATL. More than likely, you’ll see it in the Georgia mountains. There have been dozens of Bigfoot sightings all over rural Georgia especially White County (Cleveland, Helen, etc.).

Georgia news of Bigfoot goes all the way back to the early 19th-century. The Statesman news of Milledgeville, GA revealed two male survivors’ deadly Bigfoot encounter down at the Okefenokee Swamp. The swamp is well-known for all sorts of eerie legends of ghosts, UFOs, and whatnot. No surprise Bigfoot is included too.


People have been seeing Bigfoot roaming Idaho’s woods too. Dale Graham of south Idaho has seen Bigfoot while he was fetching firewood. He described the creature walking like an old man.

Meanwhile, Brittany Thomas of Garden City shared her Bigfoot report at the WOW FM 104.3 country radio station. She and her husband watched as Bigfoot crept too close to their camping tent.


In Louisiana’s Cotton Island, loggers Earl Whitstine and Carl Michael had scared off Bigfoot… twice. For some reason, it kept returning to their workplace.

A rumored “L. Melacetti” claims to have raised a Bigfoot since it was a baby. She attempted to return it back into the wild when it was old enough many times. It kept returning. One time, it even introduced her to a Bigfoot buddy.

Melacetti has stated the Bigfoot species are friendly, intelligent, and they don’t smell awful as most Bigfoot reports have described. The elder promises she’ll publish a book about being a Bigfoot mom. So far, it hasn’t been released. Who knows if L. Melacetti even exists.


Can you imagine chilling with your friends at a pond, cracking a cold one, and see Bigfoot standing nearby spying on you? That’s one Jackson resident’s true story. Unfortunately, the pond where he spotted the watchful beast is long gone. The area now is an industrial park.

Meanwhile, Peyton Lassiter researched Bigfoot sightings down in Vicksburg and uncovered its history dating back to the 1800s. Noticing a century trend here?

Vicksburg paranormal investigator David Childers caught sight of Bigfoot while he was checking out an abandoned playground. Abandoned playgrounds are creepy enough with ghosts. Bigfoot being there takes the fear factor to a whole different level.

North Carolina

Michael Greene didn’t believe in Bigfoot until he saw one himself. The former army tank commander has become a Bigfoot fanatic after meeting one at the Uwharrie National Forest.

Fortunately, Green’s meeting was mutual unlike a McDowell county report of a Bigfoot (or a pack) threw rocks at a group. Guess they were stepping too close into Bigfoot territory.


Visit Jacksonville, Oregon, and you’ll find a peculiar Bigfoot trap. The North American Wildlife Research Team (now defunct) built the trap in 1974 in response to sightings around the area. Bigfoot would know a trap when it sees one.

A man recorded a fishing video while he was rowing down the McKenzie River. He didn’t realize he caught Bigfoot on camera until years later. You can find it on the far left between 1:38–1:45. Perhaps, it was having a fishing day too…until humans arrived.


Pennsylvania also has its extensive Bigfoot history. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society recorded sightings since 1858.

John Reed of Lykens Valley believes Bigfoot attacked his motor home. Whatever Reed did, the beast threw rocks at it. Good thing Reed remained inside.

A hiking couple in Dauphin County found a strange wood fort in the middle of the woods. The couple soon left after they heard frightening voices. They recalled it may have been Bigfoot. Once again, the fuzzy evidence barely offers solid proof.


The North American Wood Ape Conservancy has received numerous Bigfoot reports in Texas’ Liberty, Harrison, and Montgomery counties. Bigfoot better beware roaming around Texas. Texas law allows hunters to kill them since they’re not considered an endangered species.

Folk tale hero Davy Crockett even had his own encounter with Bigfoot. He wrote a letter about it to his brother-in-law, stating Bigfoot warned him of his Alamo fate:

“It told me to return from Texas to flee the fort and to abandon this lost cause. When I began to question this, the creature spread upon the wind like the morning stream swirls off a frog pond.”

Is Bigfoot a dimension-hopping psychic? No wonder people can’t track it down. Bigfoot knows their intent.


Over at Provo, a hiker caught on camera a Bigfoot walking among the snowy hills. Looks like it was having a good time hiking too.

Ron Mower of Utah has seen Bigfoot nine times between 1968 and 1990. He has seen them at the High Uintas and Mani-LaSal Mountains. According to Mower, they’re gentle creatures. However, he warns Bigfoot fans of those with red eyes. Don’t fool around with them!


Back in the 70s, Randy O’Neal shot a red-eyed Bigfoot while he was camping with his father and a friend at the Intracoastal Waterway. Years later, O’Neal returned to the site and took a fantastic picture of another Bigfoot. It’s one of the best Bigfoot sightings you may find across the internet. Makes you wonder what the others were doing with their shaky cameras.


The first Bigfoot encounters in Washington happened to five gold prospectors over at Ape Canyon in 1924. Marion Smith, Ray Smith (Marion’s son), John Beck, John Peterson, and Gabe Lefever retreated to their log cabin from an angry Bigfoot mob. One of the hunters shot and killed a Bigfoot earlier that day, leading to the incident.

After the mob stopped throwing rocks at the hunters’ cabin, the hunters left Ape Canyon and forgot all about the gold. Lesson learned: You mess with one, you mess with the rest.

Washington law declares it is illegal to kill Bigfoot (unlike Texas). Skamania County ordinance 1969–01 puts Bigfoot murderers five years in prison.


How could anybody not be convinced something’s up with all these Bigfoot encounters in the US? Witnesses have seen Bigfoot in all states except for Hawaii. We’ll standby for a report until someone snaps a shaky picture of a bikini-clad Bigfoot sunbathing along the Waikiki shore.

Where were you when you saw Bigfoot?

Originally published at on May 11, 2019.



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