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Retired Colonel Claims to Come from Hollow Earth

“Map of the Interior World” (via Wikimedia)

I love me some lost city legends like Atlantis and Lemuria. Hollow Earth is one of my more recent favorites.

According to Hollow Earth enthusiasts, Hollow Earth is an underground civilization in the very center of the earth, along with its central sun. It’s older than anything built on the surface world.

Entrances to Hollow Earth are rumored to be in various locations including Antarctica and Tibet.

Former Colonel Billie Woodard claims to come from Hollow Earth. Boy, does he have a story to tell.

The first thing you’ll notice about Woodard is his peculiar gold headband. It’s supposed to emit positive frequencies. Search4TruthReality’s Walter Nowosad reportedly felt different when he tried it on. Not sure if this indicates all the Hollow Earth people wear these head accessories all the time or not.

Woodard was 12 years old the first time he visited Hollow Earth. After a scout meeting, young Woodard decided to take a shortcut through a cornfield. There, he met aliens.

“Billie,” They called. “We are here to take you on a journey if you would like to go.”

The aliens introduced Woodard to a whole new underground world. He would be gone from the surface for six months.

During his time in Hollow Earth, Woodard encountered telepathic animals, dinosaurs, singing plants, and races such as the Lemurians and Insectoids. He even met a group of Florida pilots who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Amelia Earhart is a notable inhabitant. Apparently, she’s well and alive down there. All those who dwell in Hollow Earth don’t age.

Woodard described the Hollow Earth buildings were circular with no roofs. People traveled around in electromagnetic floating discs.

Of course, Woodard had to leave this awesome place at some point. The Hollow Earth leaders told him he had a job to do.

As soon as Woodard returned to the surface, questions rained upon him of his whereabouts and encounters. The government was soon involved.


Woodard joined the military (or brought in due to his knowledge) as part of the Air Force. He was taken to Area 51 where he would be stationed for almost 12 years. There, he read Admiral Richard Byrd’s original diary about his journey into Hollow Earth.

Woodard had the chance to visit Hollow Earth again via underground superspeed bullet trains. The government wanted Woodard to tell them everything he knew about Hollow Earth.

How technologically advanced were these people? When can we (the government) visit Hollow Earth?

According to Woodard, Hollow Earth would be open to the government when they gave up nuclear energy. The government wasn’t going to give it up right away, even if they had to deal with the consequences.

*cough cough* Fukushima. Hiroshima. Chernobyl. *cough cough*

How come there aren’t more Hollow Earth people visiting the surface? Our air is too toxic for them.

Zorra, Woodard’s father from Hollow Earth, visits the surface world multiple times. He uses his son’s body to channel.


Zorra has been around for thousands of years. He “deposited” his son and daughter (Woodard’s twin sister) into the surface world to spread news about Hollow Earth and the surface world’s great shift.

“The world as you know it to be is going to cease to exist and a new one’s coming from it.”

Could global warming be one of the changes? Plot twist: Hollow Earth is behind it (I kid you not)! The people are using their highly advanced technology to melt ice in Antarctica for us to gain better access to them.

“What you term as ‘global warming’ is not global warming,” Zorra says. “It is us melting the ice around the opening so there can be contact with the outer world. It is not global warming; it is a planned event.”

Whatever this great shift is, it must be huge. Unfortunately, Woodard believes revealing the date of this worldwide event would be wrong.


Is Woodard speaking the truth or he’s only an eccentric man with an incredibly vivid imagination? He should write books (seriously).

One thing’s for sure: I’m not flying down to Antarctica to find these Hollow Earth entrances anytime soon. However, I’m tempted to try an Antarctic cruise. Sounds nice right now.



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