What do “Diners” Mean to Me?

I know this sounds like a random topic but I’ve had some terrific memories in diners.

Beyond the fact that I love how many different types of food they offer — I’m a solid breakfast girl at all hours of the day/night — diners turned into a gathering place for my friends and I.

And this phenomenon wasn’t just associated with one group. It spanned many years, different states, and different groups of friends. I think it’s because diners are comfortable. You can find the same cracked seats, stained tables, pink-haired waitresses and plastic menus at all of them. Of course, some have better food than others, but the atmospheres are shockingly similar.

In my high school and college days, diners meant hangover food, or a drunken eat fest at 3:00AM. And let’s be honest, diners still mean hangover food to me today, though my days of staying out past midnight have long gone.

I’ve laughed to the point of tears in diners. I’ve had deep philosophical conversations, I’ve had arguments, make-ups and break-ups. I’ve had conversations I’ll never remember and ones I’ll never forget. I’ve help my friend’s kids cut their pancakes, praised their coloring prowess and poured syrup on their breakfast sausages.

The exact time I visit diners might be different now than it was 10 years ago but the sentiment is the same. Good (or decent) food, good people, good conversation. What more can you ask for?

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