Best Coffee Table + Cookbooks 2017

Magnificent tomes for the coffee table and kitchen

I horde cookbooks like nobody’s business but they often end up collecting dust on a shelf. I was poring over my most recent acquisitions and left them sitting on my coffee table. It was a happy accident because they look wonderful on display and I peruse them even more frequently than my art books. Below is an outstanding collection of the best of 2017, many of which I own, all of which will make great gifts this holiday season.

CHERRY BOMBE is a smash hit cookbook from the smash hit, indie magazine of the same name that celebrates badass female chefs and food.
DINNER WITH GEORGIA O’KEEFE features 50 recipes collected from Georgia O’Keefe’s favorite cookbooks along with her handwritten notes.
GENERATION WEALTH is a fascinating and mesmerizing collection of work by Lauren Greenfield who uses photography, oral history, and film to examine the pervasive influence of money, status, and celebrity in America and abroad.
AI WEIWEI IN A NUTSHELL is a limited edition art book that is a piece of art in itself with only 1,000 copies made. Each one is numbered, signed, and wrapped in a silk scarf and costs $1500. Or you can buy the unsigned version for under $50.
SKIN DEEP is a beautiful new book by Bee Shapiro, beauty editor at The New York Times, who gets the most photographed people to share their beauty tips and tricks.
AUTOMATA explores automation from epic times to present day with etchings, manuscripts, and old documents. It makes a great gift for the technology-obsessed person in your life.
BOTANICAL SHAKESPEARE is a beautifully illustrated compendium of the flowers, fruits, herbs, trees, seeds and grasses found in the work of William Shakespeare with a foreward by Dame Helen Mirren. Perfect for the Shakespeare-loving gardener. Aren’t we all?
KEN FULK’S MAGICAL WORLD is an escape to an enchanted, dazzling world of style, taste, and luxury for which designer Ken Fulk is beloved.
MEEHAN’S BARTENDER MANUAL is a compendium with 500 pages of cocktail recipes, stories, and breathtaking photos from master mixologist Jim Meehan.
THE FOREST FEAST by Erin Gleeson is equal parts eye candy and delicious, nutritious recipes. I received the whole collection from Amy Parker, my partner at The What, and keep them on my coffee table because they’re easy on the eyes and a constant reminder to open them up and cook something.
TOTAL RECORDS is a walk down memory lane when album covers were more interesting than Instagram. Still are.
SALT FAT ACID HEAT is a book by Samin Nosrat whom Alice Waters describes as “America’s next great cooking teacher.” Every great cook we know raves about this book.
SALAD FOR PRESIDENT explores how sculptors, artists, painters, photographers, and musicians prepare their favorite dishes — with more than 75 salad recipes from artists like Laurie Anderson and William Wegman.
THE HAVEN’S KITCHEN COOKING SCHOOL is one of the best cookbooks we’ve ever tried. The recipes are simple but the results are elegant and impressive. We also love Alison Cayne’s philosophy around food and building confidence in the kitchen.

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