The Last Minute What List

Our most clicked items from The What List 2016. Conveniently available on Amazon for that last minute scramble for gifts.

The Sleep— We swear by the benefits of silk pillowcases (tightly woven fibers apparently keep moisture in the skin and hair from mussing). This one is our favorite.

The Throw — ​ Everyone at Gina’s house fights over this $17 blanket. It’s neither chic nor organic but it’s ultra soft and snuggly.

The Skin — We’ve been using Skin Eternal Serum since last summer. It’s priced under $20, all-natural, and makes skin soft and dewy.

The Massage — We are glued to a screen 24/7 so a renowned PT prescribed daily Theracane to release tight muscles. We now give ourselves a pressure point massage at our desks. True, the cane looks like an infomercial gimmick but it feels utterly ahhhh-mazing.

The Shoe — The Hoka One One Bondi 4 is the greatest athletic shoe we’ve ever owned. Rehabbed an injured knee, adds almost 2″ of height, and feels like walking on a cloud.

The Feet— The heated shiatsu foot massager will have your eyes rolling in the back of your head.

​The Cure — Every 12 seconds in Japan this product sells: Cure Natural Aqua Gel. It polishes my jet-lagged skin and you can now get it stateside.

The Audio — Beyoncé rocked the Pryma headphones in the video Lemonade. We own them in white. Superb Italian styling and sound quality.

The Lifesaver — Packing cubes. Two sets of 7 will organize both sides of a large suitcase.

The Splurge— And when you truly want only one glass with dinner but don’t want to crack open that special bottle, Coravin lets you extract what you need without pulling the cork. We were skeptical at $299 but after letting half-drunk spendy bottles go to waste every week, we made the investment.

The Cook — Sara Zin’s The Starving Artist Cookbook, with chic illustrations, will light up your kitchen as well as you coffee table.

The Tool — The Zoodle turns veggies into a healthier version of pasta. Fools our kids into thinking it’s the real deal.

The Tidy— ​Spark Joy is the 2016 release by Maria Kondo, the tycoon of tidy.

The Candle — We both have dogs and cats. When things get a little ripe around the house this odor eliminating candle does the trick.

The Book — Jane & Serge: A Family Album is coffee table eye candy that chronicles the romance of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

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