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1. The USP feedback loop

To write landing pages, the first question you ask yourself is, “What are our USPs? Why should anyone choose us?” First of all, you have to know your product inside and out in order to answer this question and the best way to do that is to help build the thing. Writing the UI is the most up-close-and-personal look you can get. The UX writer who brainstormed the spec with the PM and UX designers and who provided the copy that the UI designers developed around, is in an excellent position from which to isolate and communicate the product’s USPs.

2. Voice and tone precision

The first step in content strategy is a voice and tone analysis. The voice is the brand’s personality: Are we the class clown or the teacher’s pet? Are we an erudite authority or a friendly, down-to-earth, hand-holder? Brand voice is consistent, like a friend’s nature/temperament assuming they don’t have multiple personality disorder.

3. Holistic user-focus

User-centered design is all the rage in UX writing, and rightfully so. But the user doesn’t actually start inside the product. By including the top of the funnel/pre-product touch points, redefining the scope of our user journey map from the very beginning of the marketing funnel until the user stops using our interface (gasp!) we gain a more comprehensive perspective, and thereby, a more truly user-focused perspective than otherwise possible. By defining our content strategy from inside the product, we actually jump into the middle of the user journey. How better to understand the user and her needs and expectations than to start together with her from day one?



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