Will Jane Find You? A Story for Railways

This right now is a micro-moment. The moment when Jane, which is passing by your building, has to decide which mode of transportation she should pick to get to another city for an urgent matter.

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Apr 10, 2017 · 4 min read

When Jane takes the phone out from her pocket, she has already made her choice.

What Will She Search?

Missing Jane’s micro-moment can cost railways a lot.


Jane’s journey began long before she left her home to head towards the station. Her journey started when she took the phone out of her pocket to begin the search. Her thoughts immediately jumped to: what would be the easiest and fastest route, should she make a vacation out of it, what’s the weather like, how much will it cost her? When Jane starts the search, she expects to find personalised answers to her concerns, whether it’s on her phone, desktop or tablet.

Relying on insights about Jane’s past behaviour as a traveller can give valuable information about her preferences: a favourite seat, a particular travel time, a popular destination or a regular trip. It’s not just about how can Jane get to her destination; it’s about how can Jane reach her final stop the way she’s used to and the way she enjoys.


Jane arrives at the train station and starts looking for the railway platform. Carrying a heavy suitcase, she scans the room for an info point or a TV screen. While searching her bag for the printed ticket to retrieve the train number, Jane wishes she could have saved these last 10 minutes to grab a coffee instead of checking the trip details.

Jane expects to feel connected with her journey especially before boarding when keeping her informed and engaged is essential for her piece of mind. Put the smartphone at the core of your communication and use it avidly to send ticket and trip details, to update Jane on the train status, luggage info, and platform directions.


Train rides are usually leisure time for Jane. She’ll read, listen to music, browse or shop. The Travel & Transportation industry is growing on the extra services. Jane will always prefer a bus that provides complimentary Wi-Fi or a drink. Railways have the advantage of being very adaptable and responsive with leisure products & services. Even if you can’t get that coffee to Jane at one stop, surely you can fix that order before the next one.

Railways have the flexibility to offer customers the right service at the right time, which is sure to make the difference concerning revenue and customer satisfaction. Being a part of Jane’s experience and even more than that, being the reason for Jane’s well spent time on the journey, gives you leverage over her future travel decisions.


Jane has got off the train. But the station is not quite close to the hotel, so she needs to take the bus, a taxi or the metro to reach her place. “How to get around the town”, “Best places to have dinner”, “5 events to attend this weekend” — Jane looks up some info to guide her through her stay in the city. The journey doesn’t end when Jane leaves the train; it ends when Jane says: “Everything went as planned. I had a great trip.”

Think of offering a door-to-door solution to Jane. You can’t drop her off in front of the hotel. But the taxi company you partnered with could. This could be your share in the sharing economy.

We are all travellers, and we’ve been in Jane’s shoes not once. Whether we commute, go on vacations, or it’s a business trip, we’ll always choose the way that either gets us there faster, saves us money, takes us closer or gives us more options inside and outside the vehicle.

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