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AI & Strategy, more things to crash with reality

Roughly ten years ago, I got hired to innovate advertising campaigns. When I joined, I thought these are creative and strategic people with heaps of knowledge. Investing thousands of pounds on research and strategy efforts, the insights we got were on the level of: “The new generation of people watch less TV, use mobile phones more and switch channels more often”. For a digital native like me, I felt a massive gap between what organisations knew and what was really going on. Now imagine if we throw that low level of information and exponentially charge it with AI?

In The Wicked Podcast episode #50, our 3rd special, we want to take the 50 books we read and see how they can comment on some of the promises AI and other organisational trends are making.

For those out there, who work in Strategy or AI or are generally interested, we have some questions that will contribute to that conversation if you find it relevant.

PwC says that 54% of executives say that AI has already increased productivity.

How? Most businesses don’t have the data to do that. Or have they been so outdated that any digitisation improved things?

The argument is that AI automated things.

What companies use automation as an effective strategy? Can organisations be competitive when all they do is, be a bit more efficient through automation? What about exponential effectiveness, which creates higher ROI, but does not just improve existing, older processes?

Life is evolutionary. Digital technology has a generative cycle that is shorter than ever. Do we believe that AI can predict where the cycle goes?

AI often sits on one channel. Can AI have a superview between TikTok, Facebook, and the next platform that doesn’t exist yet?

Behavioural science has shown us that biases and responses are hypercomplex and AI is already showing the same fallacies.

What are your questions and experiences? What would you like us to talk about?

Let us know in the comments and I hope we will see you at the podcast.

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Marcus Kirsch

Marcus Kirsch

Innovation, Service Design & Transformation specialist. Keynote speaker and author. Opinions are my own.