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Is AI moving HR away from people?

Last year I deleted all but three of my LinkedIn ‘skill’ labels. This means, after 20 years of experience, I am now unqualified for most jobs there as I don’t have the skills, says LinkedIn. If technology is anything to go by, then data-tracking people to assess who they are and how they work is flawed, severely.

However, AI is being sold to make decisions about people and perform in teams and organisations. How does this go together?

I believe that technology can do amazing things, but I have been around the block for too long to have seen how silver bullets never hit the target, because the target has a habit of moving about.

In The Wicked Podcast episode #50, our 3rd special, we want to take the 50 books we read and see how they can comment on some of the promises AI and other organisational trends are making.

For those out there, who work in HR or AI or are generally interested, we have some questions that will contribute to that conversation if you find it relevant.

CMSWire says AI can help HR make better decisions.

If people know the system and what is measured, will they not play the system?

Just consider you are great in time management, but the culture expects people to stay longer. So you would wait for an hour doing next to nothing, and it would drive down your efficiency.

Do you think AI can work around this? Do you think people would have more complex ways to trick the system?

Sage says AI might rather be an enabler.

What processes could AI enable enough to be worth the investment for smaller companies? What would you measure? If AI saves you time, wouldn’t we spend it on something else to increase value or output?

Context/Culture is becoming more and more recognised as the main driver for performance. Could AI gather enough information from a 50 people organisation? From a 1,000 people organisation?

Do we want to track soft skills like Google’s Project Aristotle tells us to? Or do we stick to the classic model of quantitative skill labels and capabilities?

In many of my change and transformation projects, I found that people had skills that the organisation didn’t even know they had. You don’t measure what you don’t see.

Can AI measure that potential?

What are your questions and experiences? What would you like us to talk about?

Let us know in the comments and I hope we will see you at the podcast.

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