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Eureka It’s Happy Halloween Time When All The Ghosts Want To Party

24th October 2021

Ponder on How, Why and When falls later when I have plunged into a ditch.

What do you think I am?

Last year for Happy Halloween, someone who can get her daughter to dress up as a Killer Hen. Where Hollywood, Dead Souls and Gangsters are still hatching on this runaway suit.

Trick Or Treat

What makes people afraid of humorous writing?

The funny part is the H when goes picked up by R becomes Rumor. It would be best to start trying a different writing style. Would you please pick up the rumors you hear? Manipulate them in dismantling, polishing, and reproducing them. Even if you go off the rails, I’ll hold your hand and perfect it. Your backlog doesn’t have to be towering on Humor to be part of our Publication. It’s a place where you are never be late for punching Humor in your lines.

Trust it or not, this is going to change you.



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