Most People Don’t Know About Something They Should Know About That Something


I’m that Something everybody desires to know, assigning me to Know missions. They aspire to confirm Something by commissioning me on Confirmation missions & then at times, I, in my full senses, endow the person with prickly talcum on sharing with others sending me on Broadcast missions.

Now the question arises what is that Something?

Clubbed sandwich with ceaselessly striking on Knowledge, Confirmation & Broadcast I keep my hand on a holy book, to tell the truth, nothing by far of the truth. If I dare to shift gears strip me naked, put me in the freezer full of ice cream. At least that will make assure my last photoshoot after death can easily feature in a Playboy.

After Death Photoshoot in Playboy

On this distinction, I’m ready to share my Something

The hobby I could never abandon?

Talking to people thinking when are they planning to descend on chanting. I had to go back to the man-made style of rubbing the crotch. I scored as a pro by constantly learning on YouTube. The best part is when men perform it in public; folks have learned to ignore this juggling act. Nevertheless, if a woman does, men & women both eyes glide from the face to the crotch.

The thing I find most attractive in a person?

It’s the ass magnitude (as denoting an abandoned fashion designer) is an asset that can proceed camouflaged smoothly. Amazingly, a mid-sized ass can always fit into tiny underwear, giving the ass no space to breathe. Its health-hazardous as while farting, you are trapping the lethal smell designated by God not aimed for your nose.

However, it’s an unwanted gift that needs to come discharge sucked out by the background, others nostrils or intruding bugs?

My friends would describe me as?

An eccentric woman, despite having called the psychiatric institution several times to take a patient who lurks. She wins in convincing by counting 11 fingers by ten on her hand and one on the invisible you point at her.

My pet peeve is?

My pet Boxer Oreo rouses before me at 04:30 everyday springs licking my face; I want to defeat him by waking up and licking his face prior to him.
Have I learned enough English?

I’m allergic to?

People who walk with a protruded ass shows an un-diminishing attitude dilemma. As it invariably wants me to take on my darts as a target board on display.

I collect

All bizarre, strange and mysterious false teeth
I have a ledge full of them; they remind me of Humor in my life in a big way.

I hate the odor of?

Sexual sweat as the male expectation increases, transmitting extra workload to end up licking body sweat too.

The best advice I can offer?

Whenever you see anybody crying, hold out your boob, say, suck some milk; you will feel better.

It’s my something do you own any something that is likewise an essential question if not kindly get up go to the nearest wall & bang your end several times on living a fake life till now.




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