My Publication Offered Dedicated Page Was Back Stabbed On Not Having Bitcoins

I lost the deal, however, I won

Photo by Ewan Kennedy on Unsplash

Hey Diya! What proposal? Writing for your pub?

If that’s what you mean, note that I have over 15,900 followers while your pub only has 17 as of right now. I’m also a regular writer for a pub with over 234,000 followers.

You need to offer something valuable in return if you want the bigger and more established writers like myself to write for you.

PS: I don’t know what you mean by “looking at the stats everyday.” I rarely check my stats. Maybe you mean notifications?

I don’t need to leave my pub link for people push on my website they visit on their own. My pub is a growing hub you are right, today it has 17 after a year I’m sure it will be something else. Oh, you are looking for something substantial currently I’m not eligible for a penny as India is not shortlisted in the Bitcoins list by Medium. I Will let you know when I start earning here will give my entire earning.

Best, I think I have changed my mind on you for my Pub

Small pubs shall stop daydreaming — No way these things should make us believe insignificant. We will launch the next rocket ship after Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, radiating laughing gas.



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