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The Cliffhangers Which Make People Read Your Article Till The End?

Sixth The Last Dance Move

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If you have reached here, that means you are ready to get your reader to read, seize his mind & evolve him as a question mark person.

Yes, what hints to you that I have meticulously written about the construction of this context without meaning to you.

How will you write a composition with this six dance move to win your dough from this Publication? We give you the last chance to rewind on the dance moves if you have not.

First Dance Move

Second Dance Move

Third Dance Move

Fourth Dance Move

Fifth Dance Move

Six dance moves that won’t let your prey out of your canvas

Sixth Dance Move Your Magic

The best move saved for the last this sounds like a platitude. Nonetheless, all the dance actions have equal weightage in guiding your reader through your manuscript. This dance move reminds you to break as an ice cube drifting from your ice tray companions in melting, making your constitution of words in building sentences, phrases or metaphors.

As Model

Common Cliches

In the nick of time

This cliche run registered since 1643, and it’s in tatters because of its overuse.
Would you please save in using something out of the box in depicting the same meaning?

It must be the overheating smoke of my burned cake, which ambushed my nose, then the fire alarm on the ceiling sprinkling in the wrong direction where my board with food spread waited. In this void haunting hour, I thrust the table in the corner stood with my burning cake below the sprinkler to do justice to the panorama.

At speed of light

Do we see the speed of light? Your writing should make people visualize. In science books, it seems acceptable to give them the impression that I’m going to suggest verbalizing something that an average person can connect.

At the speed of the formula race car, he leapt in the mirror to check his weight increment after the acknowledgement of the weighing machine.

The grass is greener on the other side

It means color blindness. Compared to women, men have this problem, as you will see his closet full of one color jeans. Shades of blue are too complicated a matter for their brains. The Toothbrush, Towel & Underwear they buy are equivalent to the plain hospital color walls staring at you.

Did I sprinkle my salt and pepper charm?

As you dig further, there is no death to these cliches, Nevertheless, being an explorer in using your magic you can make your cliches.

I’m proud I have invented my cliche for my husband to shout as my bitter half.

Did I miss something? If you write an article with these six dance moves, don’t forget to holler out to your mentor.

All you have to do is blow your brains out.



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