The Detective Magnifying On The Paintings With Incomplete Misleading Puzzled Information

Defective Detective Diya Saini on Artist Ion Sheremet

Detective Diya Saini

My dear friend, Artist Ion Sheremet has made an eye-catching, dick standing & mouth salivating painting. With the below description without stealing his spotlight.

Erotic female figure handcrafted in the gestural and energetic manner of modern impressionist art style.

Please do justice to the painting by paying homage on the site.

I sense sorrow he failed in revealing the detailed description after creating a spectacular painting. He overlooked the dwarf busy vacuum cleaning her belly button; the woman squeezing her boobs awaits for the dwarf from the belly button in reaching the arc of breasts, quenching her thirst.

Weak Eyesight




Cartoons disembark humming for your amusement.

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Diya Saini

Diya Saini

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