The Detective Magnifying On The Paintings With Incomplete Misleading Puzzled Information

The Kiss, 1907 by Gustav Klimt

Defective Detective Diya Saini

A Painting which goes weight lifted with Monalisa

This remarkable 72in x 72in (180cm x 180cm) image of 1907, “The Kiss”, went refereed as pornographic, even though both figures are fully cloaked. Surprisingly, they had not seen today’s pornographic where wearing a single bit of garment goes banned.

The minute I saw this painting, I could feel the woman’s pain in being smothered as the man towers over her on his foundations & she is on her knees. The emotionless face of the woman reminds me of her thoughts that his lover is not in the right frame of mind; I can go pushed any time down the valley as outlined at the edge. Her one hand shows in the painting, but the other hand, I’m sure she hides in the cloak for SOS to act by hauling on his hosepipe if tossed.

I would love to rename this painting “ Stuck with a Kiss.”

Fill up yourself on the fool’s paradise which everybody is living around, while gazing at this painting



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