The Detective Magnifying On The Paintings With Incomplete Misleading Puzzled Information

Defective Detective Diya Saini

Diya Saini

What is Creativity?

The trip in Creativity began with me when I realized

2+2 is not 4

Other than you are flexing mathematically with a weirdo; Who has flunked in mathematics throughout his lifespan.

2+2 is 3 count the variables you get your result.

Screwing & Unscrewing from myriads one of my favorite past times is gazing at granted things from several angles, drawing different interpretations. Which goes way back with me even before realizing I loved it.

Artist Antony Squizzato referred this painting as Serial Liar.

Meditate on the painting for two minutes in entering Antony’s gray cells on the marking of Serial Liar.

Any luck finding out why?

I sweated, dissected, and became a serial killer on the blackboard. Eventually, in sketching, two men on public transport set comfortably bragging each other in conversations, which is nothing, never-ending lies dragging one thread merging into another like a spaghetti machine gone out of control.

If you dig into an alternative interpretation of this painting, please share your wisdom in feeling lighter. Or God blesses you with loose motions.





BreakingBad World Political News with Satirical Imagery Strings

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