The Hypocrite Germany Drowns On Alien History And ElonMusk Dodge Coins News

Wicked ChiefEditor DiyaSaini

Artwork by DiyaSaini

Roll your sleeves in learning Why China is in the News?

China President PingPong lectures on History

The fascination of the Chinese president for Hong Kong doesn’t end. He wants to rewrite the school history books by showing China never lost in a war, was never an enslaved entity & Coronavirus was passed by the Britishers.

Aliens are reaching out to China

The Aliens, with their telescopes, appear to watch all the movements of the Chinese President PingPong. They discern, that he’s acting entirely like them; this is the third time they reached out to give him the signal, whereas he has ignored it. Now, if PingPong disappears someday, we know who did it?
Our hands are clean, wink, wink, twinkle.

Elon Musk Makes Us Comprehend Dodging

Elon Musk is stuck again in a net for his famous Doge coins. He targeted people with brain-damaging, showing a blooming image where coins’ value dipped daily. Some say he has mastered distance Hypnosis where Musk hosted the NBC show “Saturday Night Live, playing a fictitious financial expert, went practicing on people” who glimpsed it couldn’t get rid of his con plan.

Artwork by DiyaSaini

Germany Groundbreaker

The Ukraine-Russia war has stretched for four months and still refuses to die. Germany didn’t think it would go so far as nobody intended, but the way Germany was thinking had an envious mind in play. Germany Olaf Scholz continued by saying to Ukraine that we dispersed the weapons, then told on the route they were robbed and concluded up exploding on the course, killing our people. Even then, Olaf Scholz managed to score a victory in the Oxford Dictionary.

Artwork by DiyaSaini



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