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A BBC investigation has uncovered British waste being illegally shipped to Romania and dumped. The Romanian authorities say that the shipments, labelled second-hand goods, were really just worthless junk destined for landfill.

Millions can be made from this so-called waste crime — because it’s cheaper to send junk abroad and dump it, than to pay to have it properly disposed of at home. The Romanian government has called on the UK to do more to stamp out this illegal trade.

Garbage and second-hand goods are two separate things. The United Kingdom, the mother of the English Language, could not discover their language correctly. Once thrown, garbage has to go recycled in your own country by making cyclists run over the scraps too & fro. Second-hand merchandise after utilizing it with your right hand, and then your left-hand earns that title.

Photo by Yaro Felix Mayans Verfurth on Unsplash



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