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How did the robbers rob a 30-meter bridge in India, Bihar?

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One morning last week, when four-five men — including some of the state government irrigation departments — turned up in an Amiyavar village near the city of Sasaram with an earth excavator and gas-cutting torches, local villagers were glad. They believed that the government had finally begun to act on their request to withdraw an old, disused bridge.
In three days, men would arrive at the site at 7 am and work until dusk, chipping away at the remains of the bridge, cutting the iron with gas torches and using excavators to loosen the dry land.
The metal was then shipped in a hired pick-up van and deposited in the warehouse of a local scrap dealer.
“Nobody suspected this was a burglary,” local journalist, who lives only “200 meters from the bridge”, confirmed.
Eight men have gone arrested so far, But these metal thefts aren’t just an Indian problematic — it’s common in the US, the UK and many parts of Europe.




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