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Rats endeavor to govern the United States

Our Spinning World

‘If you eat here, you’re dining with rats’

Diem Boyd was sitting outside a restaurant in New York’s fashionable Greenwich Village in September, when a family of rats scurried across her feet.

“Within seconds everybody jumped up,” she says, ”We lost our appetite.”

Everyone in New York has a similar story to tell, she explains. “We have a complete and utter rat explosion.”

“You see them when you come out at night,” agrees Deborah Gonzalez, who, like Diem, lives in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. “When you walk on this block you see them running back and forth.”

It is difficult to gauge precise numbers, but calls to New York City’s complaints hotline mentioning rodents have jumped this year, 15% up on pre-pandemic levels.

“Obviously New York has always had rats,” says Marcell Rocha, who also lives in the neighborhood, but now “they are bigger and bolder, they jump at you. They’re gymnastic, doing backflips.”

Friendly Dwarves

Deciding on rat friends or foes

Visa-free rats running a marathon into every corner of New York City as a New Yorker, you are decisive in nailing on being friends or foes. In my judgement, intellect votes for friends. However, we experience all kinds of wavelength people. Whoever believes the dwarves can be helpful in case of crisis can invariably proceed with cheese in their pockets. Others may use mouse traps deeming protected, armed and uncharitable about splitting their cheese.



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