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A Desperate Bank

Australian banking giant Westpac has admitted to breaking the law after it was hit with six lawsuits by regulators over its poor treatment of customers, including charging fees to dead people.

It will pay $81m (A$113m; £61m) in penalties, subject to court approval.

The bank will also hand $57m of compensation to its customers.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) said Westpac needs to urgently improve its “poor compliance culture.”

God Was Shaken In His Paradise

Westpac made God tremble at the attendance in his court with the dead people called to pay fees. God made Angels work overtime by counting on the spirits in his domicile. After seeing so much torture in Heaven, the wrath of God burst forth; he reserved the whole Westpac for a place in Hell. After that, God couldn’t stop there, resolving to give them nightmares throughout their lives until they reached Hell.

I like God letting us know about watching on every move. The other day I was busy staring at a man through my sunglasses on his trouser to evaluate the size of his penis, my new hobby I suddenly stumbled.

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